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Mother and Two Kids


 Contact Us at now to Register. Space is limited. must be Mecklenburg County resident.
Program Descriptions


Our Mujer Despierta program is designed to provide support to new immigrant residents of Mecklenburg County. It will help guide Latina women in navigating public health resources in the community. 


Empowering women with knowledge such as, but not limited to:

  • Low-Cost Clinics for Uninsured

  • Transportation Systems-

    • We inform and assist with learning how to ride the bus or train. This gives women a sense of independence, and increases mobility. Acquiring this skill helps eliminate missed appointments

  • Navigate Community Resources


  • Mecklenburg County Resident

  • Has resided in Mecklenburg County 1 year or less

Support Group


Our Bonita Mama was created to provide support services to teen moms. 

Services Provided:

  •  Child Development Education​

  •  Prenatal Education

  • Postpartum Education

  • Family Planning Education

  • Community Resource Information

Registration is Currently Closed. We will announce when registration is Open. Thank you!

Mother and Daughter Love


Our Bonita Rising will be centered for adolescents ages 13-17. Geared towards empowering young Latinas to find their identity and self worth. This program will provide comprehensive emotional tools to support personal growth and academic development. We seek to integrate the immigrant Latina and American born Latina in efforts to develop a sense of support and community. 

Services Provided:

  • Emotional Wellness Coaching 

  • Support Groups/Psychoeducation

  • Health Education

  • Teen Dating Violence Awareness

  • Individual Counseling Referrals

Registration is Currently Closed. We will announce when registration is Open. Thank you!

Girls Partying

Mujer Valiente

Our Mujer Valiente program was created for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing intimate partner violence. ​

Services Provided:

  • Domestic Violence Education

  • Emotional Wellness Coaching

  • Individual Therapy Referral

  • Monthly Support Group

  • Community Resource Information

  • Legal Resource Information

  • Advocacy Services

Support group
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