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JuLiana Lozano, MSW, LCSWA

Founder and eD

Andrea Mora, MPH 


Our Founders Story

Juliana's Story

Everybody has a story. Juliana's story started in Gastonia, NC. Daughter of Colombian immigrants, Juliana struggled to find her identity in a small town. One of the few Latinas growing up in Gastonia at the time, she encountered different experiences that led to her perseverance. Juliana is first generation college student, graduate of UNCC with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. She completed the Advanced Standing Masters Degree Social Work Program from the University of South Carolina. Juliana completed her studies by the age of 22, all while balancing motherhood, working fulltime, and experiencing trauma.

Juliana not only has the education but she has the experience. Overcoming abuse is central to Juliana's work a therapist and it is central to her life. She is a Domestic Violence Survivor who has turned her pain into purpose. A passionate advocate in the community, she now spreads awareness on the issue of Domestic Violence and advocates for women who are experiencing intimate partner violence. 

Juliana has overcame adversity which led to the development of Despierta's four programs. She hopes she can empower women to find the healing that will lead to peace and restoration by providing the support and skills needed to thrive. From Surviving to Thriving. Juliana desires to break the mental health stigma within the Latinx community by educating and spreading awareness. 

Juliana has spoken at multiple community events and has been featured on our local news channel. In the video below you will here Juliana speak at the Mecklenburg County Board of County Commissioners Meeting February 2023 on behalf of LoveSpeaksOut Advocacy Council on Teen Dating Violence Awareness. February is declared as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. Juliana and LoveSpeaksOut Advocated accepted the Proclamation. 

Andrea's Story

Andrea grew up in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the daughter of Mexican Immigrants and is the first in her family to go to college. She obtained a Masters Degree in Public Health and has advocated for immigrant clients as they navigate public resources and the legal system for almost 10 years. Andrea knows first hand the barriers the first generation U.S. born Latinas may encounter. This role comes with major responsibility. Andrea has encountered many trails and tribulations in her life which has inspired her to advocate for underserved populations. 



Despiertas Timeline

November 2020

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

September 2021


January 2023

Despierta was founded

Launched Despierta

Focus Groups to Understand Community Need

Despierta's First Event on Health Education

Despierta's Received Determination Letter: 501(C)3 status approved

Assisted Clients in Crisis on Individual Basis

United Way-Unite Charlotte First Year 25k Recipients

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