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Our Goal is to promote healthier lifestyles. We believe in a person growing as a whole (Mind, Body, and Spirit).

Mental health wellness

Our Mental Health Wellness Services provides:

Psychoeducation to help individuals manage their emotional and mental wellbeing. At Despierta we believe that "getting to the root" of our issues helps us evolve and heal wounds.  


health education

 Our Health Education Services provides information on topics including, but not limited to:

  •  Preventative Health Education 

  • Family Planning

  • Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

  • Prenatal Development


family support services

Our Family Support Services provides information on:

  • Child Development Education

  • Infant Safe Sleep Education 

  • Referrals to ESL (English as a Second Language) Classes

  • Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (How to enroll child and built a better communication with school) 

community resource information

Our Community Services provides information and education on:

  • Low-Cost Clinic for Uninsured

  • Sliding Scale Programs for Primary Medical Care

  • How to Obtain Birth Certificates and Social Security Cards for Children

  • Transportation 

  • Legal Services

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